Linings are mainly dark gray / brown color with Mulberry logo embossed on mulberry. There is an oval leather patch in my bag, the Mulberry name and logo (Mine was made in England) has. Other bags have the patch with the country of origin listed under the name Mulberry. Some bags are not made at all. I'm already excited about the arrival of the mulberry outlet since it debuted on the brand Spring 2013 catwalk back in September 2012, and finally, the object of my affection become available for mass consumption. Fortunately, it's just as nice as I thought that, if slightly more pricey than I had hoped. In case you are not familiar with Willow, its most striking feature is that the front flap pocket fully zips to become an independent coupling, and a rather attractive one at that. Zip-off mulberry bags are usually advertising type and a little clumsy, but in this case, is the integration of the coupling to the front of the bag is made in such a way that the tote does not feel if there is an extra portion hanging from the front and the link not look like it was taken from another bag. course Combing two separate pieces in a beautiful design is no small task, and mulberry sale bags has done a remarkably good job of making it happen. Of course, it certainly does not hurt that both the clutch and tote fit very well with that look in the handbag world right now - streamlined shape, flared gussets and stuff. If you have to remember that you get two bags, do yourself the $ 2600 price tag does not seem so bad. Still, I was hoping for something more like $ 1,895. Buy through Net-a-Porter in both black and brown for $ 2,600. English model and actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley was recently photographed at the airport in LA with a cheetah mulberry handbags Del Rey Animal Print Bag. (You've surely seen Rosie in Victoria's Secret lingerie, and you would have seen her in Transformers 3, but I'm kinda hoping you did not.) Young British celebs love their Mulberry, which is of course based in London , like many of my other favorite designer brands. You can change the default black leather version of the Del Ray bag snag for $ 1500 at Net-a-Porter. In case you are not aware, the Del Ray named after the American singer / songwriter Lana Del Ray, whose sultry, pouty pop songs I rather enjoy. I would not be surprised if Rosie Huntington-Whiteley will probably get her own namesake bag fast enough, although I hope that they call it the "Rosie" and not the "Huntington-Whiteley." The "Hot Blonde English Babe Bag" would be sufficient, I think. A small mulberry factory shop embroidery on the regular pants or jeans adds color and fun to the garment and this is a very popular trend now .. appearance at The Depot on Tuesday. The 'Hot Retailer Award "is given to retailers who have worked to create that drive customers to products and services hard malls around the world. mulberry